Astrology for court cases, legal matters decodes many things from a person’s horoscope and offers remedies also. But court case is a subject where most important thing to see is the intention of the person. To our opinion, there can be only two reasons for court cases, either by you or against you. Firstly where the native due to lower or uncontrolled Jupiter, is inclined or trapped in Greed and unrealistic ambitions etc. These sensations prompt the native to indulge into Court cases or litigation. Second, where the weak planetary positions in the horoscope makes a person succumb to the influences & amp; willful malafide desires of others.  This induces & lands the native towards Court cases & other litigatory situations. The first reason generally dominants the reasons of court cases. Any other reasons leading to such a menace would be exceptions only. Generally in astrology for Court cases, we learn about remedies for Court cases but we believe in our own Karma Corrections. Understand the significance & its effectiveness here.


Among the planets in Horoscope responsible for the court cases, we have seen many planets as mentioned below.

  • The first & foremost is Sun (which represents soul) and Moon (which represents Mind). The affliction of any of these planets in birth is bound to give tremendous tension to the person. Further, if there is Rahu – Sun combine or Rahu – Moon conjunction, the native not only faces court cases but also gets enormous tension during these cases.
  • Saturn in Horoscope and court cases – The impact of Saturn in Horoscope leads to misunderstanding between the parties, It tends to delay the court cases; it exaggerates tremendous pressures on the person & can lead to depression.
  • Rahu in Horoscope and court cases – lead to adding complexities in the court case matters. It can create misunderstanding with the lawyers, also fighting your legal cases.
  • The impact of Ketu in Horoscope on the court cases can make you lose money with regular spending on these matters. It can even tempt you to use bribery tactics in these cases. The extreme effect of Ketu in Horoscope can result in death penalties also.
  • Role of Mars in Court cases – The presence of Mars in Horoscope if inflicted or poorly placed, can be very severe. The natives can face severe consequences, even without getting a proper chance of hearing/representation. Afflicted 8th and 12th house can also lead to life imprisonment/death warrant.


Once a person is involved in the court cases or litigations, the person looks forward towards solution for court cases. Astrology surely can help to win / resolve the court cases.

The most important thing here is to see the intent of the person. After understanding the astrological reasons, one can know the chances of losing or wining the court cases. This helps a person to decide whether settlement is better or fighting the court case will be better? The Proper study of 6th house & its related planets indicates how long the court case can go on and what the chances of losing or winning. Presence of Rahu shows the court case will become complicated. The presence of Saturn shows the court case is likely to go on for longer period.

Connection of Jupiter & Venus with 7th house & its Lord make better senses prevailing over the native. The native prefers to go for out of court settlement giving peace of mind & saving of the un-necessary time and money. A good astrologer can advise the person to go for settlement than prolonging the legal battle.

However if person decides to pursue the court cases, there are astrological methods to review the pros & cons as to how will court cases go. Then there are astrological remedies to help winning these court cases.

One should be very careful in selecting advocate / lawyers who will fight your case. Astrology can even help here recommending the loyalty; your lawyer will have for you. Don’t forget profession is common but characteristics & traits of all professionals can be different.


A strong sixth house bestows an excellent job to a native if the native decides not to take advantage of his strong sixth house instead of go for business (seventh house) he still will reap the effects of his sixth house, which shall be court cases. The karaka (Doer) of the court case is different from the karaka of employment, which means a strong sixth house may be beneficial for job related issues but shall be also strong for court-related issues but on the negative sense.

It becomes thus mandatory to know which planet gives the maximum positive results in which circumstances as this planet can turn negative with the same force if mishandled. In the matter relating to court cases too, there can be possibilities which if handled carefully can give positive results.

There are different situations which drag a native to a court. These situations could be self-created or imposed. However an effective read of the horoscope reveals all this. Many of these court related things do not come under the fixed karma, so can be easily be corrected.

  1. The strength of native dealing with court cases.
  2. The time when the native is going to get beneficial results from the court.
  3. What trait of one’s life would drag the native to the court, i.e., marriage, job, business, work, friends, relative, etc.?
  4. There are people who themselves drag the things to the court quite often, and the horoscope can read this habit of the native too.

What things are losing their strength when the option of the court is getting activated


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