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ManuLegal is the country’s leading legal service site for anything and everything connected to the field of law. Our viewers include law students, advocates, social activists, and academicians from all over the country, and the world.

As an advertising platform, ManuLegal offers you unparalleled access to the legal community, as well as allows you to tap specific, niche markets.


86 Million

Monthly Unique Visitors in India

168+ Million

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1.62 Million

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ManuLegal Service in Media is now the #1 leading information providers in INDIA.

We are reaching high-quality legal and awareness audiences, thanks to our expertise in consumer behavior, search and social. We understand who they are, and engage with them in distinctly different ways across our Legal brands.

People turn to ManuLegal and our partners for answers and support. We deliver, with authenticity and credibility.

Our advertising and content solutions exceed advertisers’ goals almost 100% of the time, while our innovative partnership opportunities help brands connect with audiences in new and effective ways. 

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  • Custom video solutions
  • Data analytics
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    You can choose to advertise in a number of ways, including banner ads, social media campaigns, and even advertisements in our regular reports.

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