Welcome to ManuLegal–an online legal service provider and student support system information portal. Since digitalization is something that has been adopted nationwide and is the need of ready at hand remedies which pertain to immediate relief let that be student support or legal solutions; ManuLegal is here for one stop solution to all that you need to resolve any matter pertaining to the field of law.

Our identity affirms and recognizes the contribution of its founder Mr. Abhimanyu Singh, Mentors, Panelist and Supporting Staff in creating an online leading Institution which cater the need of each and every individual.

We are a full service online firm providing best legal services to the needy and also helping students grow in different aspects of law. Our strength is being a reliable team who treasures the value of diligence and knowledge as well as creativity and innovation in addressing people in need. We believe in dealing with matters as it being our own business.

ManuLegal being a platform where any individual, body corporate or any such person will be rest assured of legal remedies or support in terms of document enhancements and legal knowledge.

Here are the things you will find on ManuLegal:

Students Info Cell

A cell to provide information to students about call for papers, essay competition, seminar, certificate courses, law school fests, webinars, moot court competitions, fellowships, PD’s, MUN’s and every opportunity which a student of law can avail for the growth of his extra-curricular activities. Along with this, this cell caters to the needs of internship by letting out information of internships under prestigious Law Firms, Advocates, NGO’s, Companies, PSU’s etc.; internship experiences shared by other students to know more about the work culture and will help the students to be well informed and take proper decisions for themselves. This section will also provide for internships based on query and resume when asked for help by the students; which will create a personal bond between the students and ManuLegal.

Services And Solution Cell

This cell is a destination for online remedies to all legal problems by anyone around India. This cell introduces to a panel of advocates, law firms and helps you with ready at hand solutions for any matter pertaining to law. We make sure we help you in any matter relating to civil, criminal, arbitration, Tax, IPR or any such cases at a very nominal cost making ManuLegal and its services catering to all irrespective of the high end budget. This cell also helps students, scholars, jurists, educationists with assistance in writing their research papers, articles, dissertation, thesis, projects and assignments, we guide them and help them to nurture in bringing out their talent on manuscript. This cell also provides for personal advice and counseling of couples regarding marriage, divorce, mediation, maintenance; matters regarding property, succession, partition by lawyers and counselors of their own choice from our panel. Students will also be benefited by experienced NLU Pass out students, Counselors about their career advice and information about any law university and college around the globe. This as expected will be the most interactive cell to provide solutions from grade A to Z

Job Cell

This cell provides all the latest updates about Government as well as private jobs in India. Through this cell you can also contact us directly to help you know better about the job or let you know which job suits you; you just have to put in you details and our manager will contact you right away bringing to you the correct job for you.

From The Founders Desk

This gives me immense pleasure and a whole heart to have started this platform which will cater to the needs of all serving as an online web portal to help students with aggregated and compounded solutions as an online firm wishing to cater to all the needs ready at your hand on your cellphone. This platform has all the amenities that are needed to resolve any legal issue, problem around India.

I hope we will have an opportunity to serve you in the best possible way to make you happy.

The aim behind me creating such platform is:-

–To thrive in Intensity and provide legal solutions in nominal fees making it accessible to all.

–To help all understand law better and informing all about their rights and promising their investment in us with fruitful results.

Hence, putting in all that you need in just a click.

Thank You. With Regards and wishing you health and smile.




Alumnus: NLU Patiala(2009-14)



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