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ManuLegal is an online legal service provider and student support system information portal. Since digitalization is something that has been adopted nationwide and is the need of ready at hand remedies which pertain to immediate relief let that be student support or legal solutions; ManuLegal is here for one stop solution to all that you need to resolve any matter pertaining to the field of law.

Our identity affirms and recognizes the contribution of its founder Mr. Abhimanyu Singh, Mentors, Panelist and Supporting Staff in creating an online leading Institution which cater the need of each and every individual.

We are a full-service law firm providing best legal services to the needy and also helping students grow in different aspects of law. Our strength is being a reliable team who treasures the value of diligence and knowledge as well as creativity and innovation in addressing people in need. We believe in dealing with matters as it being our own business.

ManuLegal being a platform where any individual, body corporate or any such person will be rest assured of legal remedies or support in terms of document enhancements and legal knowledge.


Campus Placement has become the norm countrywide. Often, a college is valued on the basis of the campus placements it can facilitate, irrespective of the discipline of academia. It is a highly known fact that, placements play a very crucial role in any student’s career. Most of the students fail in campus interviews not because of lack of skills, but lack of proper guidance towards campus placement preparation.

To help the law students preparing for their campus interviews, we at ManuLegal is organising a 5 days intensive technical workshop on “How to Crack a Placement Interview of Top Law Firms: Understanding the Placement Nuances”. This workshop aims at guiding the students to prepare more in less time for any campus recruitment drive.

After attending this workshop student will be able to- Develop ideal problem-solving and interview approaches to crack the recruitment of top Law Firms recruiters.

Who is this workshop for?

Students graduated in 2019 & 2020, also preparing for placements and students graduating in 2021-2022.

This workshop comes with-

  • 9 to 10 hours of master-classes by experts of legal industry helping you master Legal Aptitude and all Recruitment Essentials.
  • CV Building: Guidance on enhancing CV, Hands on CV prep Workshop and Sample CV Formats.
  • Career orientation, goal setting and confidence building.
  • GD/PI Strategy Sessions and Law Firm wise Mock GD/PI
  • Communication Skills: Exclusive basic grammar session, Group activities and ‘Roots of English’ Session.
  • Presentation Skills: Powerpoint Presentation delivery, Oral Expression and Advance software for presentation.
  • Writing Skills: Formal Applications, Corporate Email Communication and Informal Communication.
  • Doubt clarification by mentors and peers.

What the Workshop would include?

The 5 days workshop would be conducted to cover various aspects like grooming, body language, resume writing, placement strategy, group discussions and other skills required to crack the interview of a law firm along with mock interview sessions and legal aptitude test.

Keynote Speakers:

The keynote speakers for the workshop would be the Partners, Principle Associates, Senior Associates and associates from top law firms. Some speakers will take the mock interview sessions and legal aptitude test of the participants.

Logistics of the Workshop:

  • The workshop will be held live through Google meet or Zoom online platform.
  • Each session will be of an hour or two sessions of half an hour each in a day.
  • Questions will be taken via the Q & A box.
  • Sample CVs, cover letters and other related documents will be shared via e-mail.

Registration Fees- Rs 1000/-

Date- 27th September 2021 to 1st October 2021

Time- 11 AM to 1 PM

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh


Mob: +91-8619603156, +91-7231890890 (Whatsapp)

Email: info@manulegal.com or Visit www.manulegal.com

Registration Form Link:


Payment Details

Google Pay/PhonePe/ Paytm:- 9680603049 [Name:- Abhimanyu Singh] 

UPI ID:-  abhimanyurgnul@okicici

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