About the Journal

Indian Journal of Legal Research and Advancement [IJLRA] is a peer-reviewed open-access academic law journal, published quarterly by the students of law colleges across the country. Their goal is to encourage research and academic writing by providing a platform for legal discourse.

Call for Papers

Submissions are invited by the Journal for Vol. I, Issue III. The journal invites entries pertaining to legal work or purely social analysis of a subject matter relevant in the field of law. However, posts that establish an inter-discipline between law and other areas of law are preferred.

Submission Types –

  1. Short Articles: 2000 to 4000 words
  2. Articles: 4000 to 8000 words
  3. Essays: up to 5000 words
  4. Case Comments & Book Reviews: 1500 to 3000 words

Submission Guidelines –

  1. The word limit must be strictly adhered. However, it is subject to relaxation in exceptional cases.
  2. The references shall be footnoted, whereas hyperlinks and endnotes are not accepted.
  3. Footnotes need to be done in any uniform method of citation and must be single-spaced in Garamond, font size 10, and justified.
  4. Title must be 14, Bold and All Caps.
  5. Sub-Headings should be 13, Bold, Capitalize each word format, Italicized
  6. Abstract should be 12 and Italicized, Body: 12, Garamond, Spacing 1.5
  7. Submissions must be in electronic form. All submissions must be word-processed, 1.5 line spacing in Garamond, font size 12, and justified.

Submission Procedure – All the submissions must be sent to info.ijlra@gmail.com.

Note – All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter containing the name of the author/s, institutional affiliation, title and category of the submission, and a contact address of the author, including the e-mail address and the phone number. Submissions should be sent as MS Word (.doc format) attachments with the title of the article as the file name.

Contact Information – All quarries must be addressed to info.ijlra@gmail.com.

For more Information click – https://ijlra.org/

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