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‘Law Colloquy’ has been created for documenting short precise and substantive articles, notes, videos, news on perceptions regarding various important topics of law. Their aim is to make people familiar with the different theories, statutes, laws, and to help one understand and develop the legal mindset. They also conduct Webinars/Seminars/workshops and training programs on different aspects of the law for different target groups. Law Colloquy accepts legal journals on contemporary issues and topics of law from law students and professionals.

Call for Papers

Law Colloquy invites submissions for Articles and Research papers.


Law Colloquy Journal of Legal Studies (LCJLS) invites submissions on a wide range of topics, based on analysing legal and contemporary issues, policy decisions, case studies, proposing/recommending legislative reforms or judgement analysis.

Format of Article/Paper –

  • Abstract (300 words)
  • Keywords in italics (3-5)
  • Introduction Research methodology Main body (including sub-headings) Figures, tables and photos should be carefully chosen which can enhance the quality of the paper.
  •  Prepare figures that are clear, easy to read, and of the best possible quality.
  •  Figure should be written as ‘Fig’ following number.
  •  Tables, charts and photos should be numbered.
  • Discussions/findings
  • Conclusion and suggestions
  •  Word limits (4000-8000, excluding references
  • Reference list (No Footnotes).

Submission Guidelines –

  1. All submission should be in an electronic form in the word document only in in an editable file format (i.e., not PDF).
  2.  It should be processed in MS Office 2007 onwards.
  3. Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.
  4. Submit the manuscript on the website (preferred).However, you may submit through mail also, on info@lawcolloquy.com.
  5. The necessary details of submission are – Cover letter (Name, designation, institution, place, contact number, email id) , Author’s declaration , Abstract (300 words) , Keywords (5-8 only) , Paper (4000-8000, excluding references).
  6. The manuscript submitted must be in Times New Roman with Margin normal.
  7.  The line spacing must be 1.5. , The font-size: – Title – 16, (Bold) – Headings -14, (Bold) – Sub-Heading- 12, (Bold) – Main Body – 11.
  8.  The text should be justified.
  9.  Dates should be mentioned in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  10. Months should be written in abbreviated forms: Jan.,Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June,July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
  11. Every foreign word should be in written in Italics.
  12. Citation details – Author(s)/Contributors are required to follow this pattern. Failure of this will amount to rejection of the manuscript. The link of citation details are – https://lawcolloquy.com/assets/doc/Citation%20and%20Referencing%20Style.pdf

Process of Submission –

  • Register yourself at our official website lawcolloquy.com
  •  Go to your account and select add paper.
  •  Read carefully and follow all the necessary instructions mentioned for submission on the page.
  • Upload cover letter (title of the manuscript, name, designation, email id, mobile number (WhatsApp) and institution/affiliation of the author(s)/contributor(s)).
  •  Write keywords (3-5 words)
  • Upload Abstract (300 words)
  •  Upload paper (4000-8000, excluding references)

Submission Deadline –25th April 2021

Certificate of publication – Certificate for publication will be provided for your manuscript.

Contact details –

Website- lawcolloquy.com

E-mail- info@lawcolloquy.com

Contact number- +91 99934 47394

For Guidelines of Call for Papers click – https://www.lawcolloquy.com/Annoucement_pdf/Guidelines%20for%20Submission%20of%20paper%20.pdf

For Official Website – https://lawcolloquy.com/

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