About the Journal

GLS Law journal (ISSN: 2582-5402) is a bi-annual academic open access journal. GLJ aims to focus on contemporary legal issues currently being debated. GLJ provides a literary and intellectual platform for the scholarly analysis of inter-professional collaboration and interdisciplinary academic research on the law, socio-legal issues, and contemporary legal issues.

In order for this objective to be fulfilled, GLJ welcomes submission of original articles on studies of the legal system and analyses of contemporary legal issues.

Call for Papers

GLSLJ is accepting original and unpublished articles on contemporary legal and socio-legal issues for the summer issue. Submissions can be in the form of articles, research papers, case comments, book review etc.

Categories for submission –

  1. Original research manuscripts – 5000-6000 words
  2. Law Reviews4000-3000 words
  3. Case Comment – 3000-2500 words
  4. Book Review – 2500-2000 words

Submission Guidelines –

  1. Manuscript Format –
  2. Manuscript must be in electronic form
  3.  All submission must be word processed, single spaced in Times New Roman and the margin parameters of the GLJ are 4.9 cm (top and bottom margins) and 4.5 cm (left and right margins)
  4. Main heading in times new Roman with bold face
  • Body text in Times New Roman format with 12 pt.
  • Footnotes in Times New Roman format with 9 pt.
  • Alignment is justified full
  • Line spacing for body text 1.2 pt.
  • Line spacing for footnotes 1pt.
  • Abstracts –
  • All submissions must contain an abstract of not more than 250 words describing the relevant conclusions drawn in the paper.
  • There is no requirement of prior submission of the abstract.
  • Citations –
  • Only footnotes may be used as the form of citations,End notes shall not be accepted.
  •  All footnotes must be in Garamond, size 10, single-spacing and justified.
  • The citations are derived from the blue book 20 Citation Style.
  • Form of Submission –
  • Submissions must be in electronic form.
  • All submissions must be word-processed, single-spaced in Garamond, font size 12 and justified.

Note – The prescribed word limits are inclusive of footnotes.

Submissions- All submissions must be mailed to glslawjournal@gmail.com

Last date of Submission – 1 May 2021.

For more information click on the official site if the journal – http://glslawjournal.in/index.php/glslawjournal

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