The Brain Booster Journal provides ample opportunities and information about law, social issues, history, geography, economics etc. It also provides the platform to write articles, case comments, book reviews etc.

Call for Papers

Theme – Author(s) are free to write on any topic related to legal, socio-legal and contemporary issues.


1. Long Articles: 3000- 6000 words (excluding footnotes)

2. Short Articles: 2000-3000 words (excluding footnotes)

3. Case comment: 1500 words (excluding footnotes)

4. Book review: 1500 words (excluding footnotes)


The articles must be in Times New Roman, Font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, on an A4 sheet with 1″ margin on all sides, to be sent in .doc/docx format. 19th or 20th Bluebook edition style of the citation must be strictly adhered to while submitting the paper. 



Submission should also mandatorily include an abstract ranging from 200 to 600 words. The abstract should not be submitted separately. The abstract should be at the beginning of the manuscript submitted. A cover letter with the Name(s) of the Author(s), Institution/Affiliation, the title of the Manuscript and Contact Information including an Email Address and Mobile number. 


1. All the published manuscripts will be published in the printed book as well as in the Kindle e-book

2.Each research paper will be printed separately, the cover and the interior designs will be created by our editors and all the books will be available on Amazon as well as in the Kindle store  

3. Each book will have a unique ISBN. If the author would like to include his/her photo and biography in the book, kindly send those details in the mail.  

4. All the authors whose work is published will get the E-Certificate of Publication with the ISBN+ E-Copy of Publication.

5. The only Papers which are published by Brain Booster Articles will be transferred for the printed book


No prior registration fee to be paid. After selection requisite fee has to be paid

1. Single authored Paper: INR 400

2. Co-authored Paper: INR 800

3. Author upto three: INR 1200

4. Author upto five: INR 1500


  • Last date of submission: April 30, 2021
  • Intimation of Acceptance/Rejection: Within 48 hours from the submission
  • Publication of paper: Within three days from the selection of the research paper
  • Publication of Printed Book: Within a week from the selection of the research paper



All submissions must be sent to and must be attached with a covering letter mentioning the name of the author, Institution/Affiliation, the title of the Manuscript and Contact Information including an Email Address and Mobile number.


WhatsApp: +91 9952657851


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