About the Advocate

Advocate Deepak Panwar is an advocate in New Delhi. He has experience of over 3 years in serving the corporate sector in New Delhi. His areas of expertise are in Civil Laws including Corporate Laws, Insolvency Laws, IPRs, Arbitration and related civil advisory. He has experience in Criminal matters as well.

About the Internship

Advocate Deepak Panwar is looking for 3 research interns for a short term research project of 2 months (two months), where the interns will be provided assignments relating to research, drafting and making ppt and word files on various matters of law. The interns are required to work remotely i.e. work from home, with flexible working hours.

Basic Requirement

  • Interns must have a computer/laptop with a good internet connection to work with.
  • Interns must be good at research.
  • Interns must be good at initial documentations.
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Word and PPT) is a must.
  • Good Presentation Skills.

Kindly refrain from applying if you have any other academic commitments, scheduled online exam, and university project allotted or have already undergone an online internship programme.)


Only students of LL.B 2nd Year onwards and LL.M. students can apply.


No stipend


Online/Work from Home


2 Months i.e. from 20th March 2021 to 26th May 2021.


18th March 2021

Application Procedure

If the above internship and being at crossroads for dynamic aspects of law and related matters interests you, do drop a email by sharing your resume, along with a writing sample of 2 – 3 pages through email at prowillow[at]outlook.com with subject as: “Internship Application: Name of Self – Year of LLB/LLM – University Name”


  • Internship Certificate
  • Exposure to working online
  • Assessment for self-evaluation
  • Exposure to Legal Research

Contact Information

E-mail ID: prowillow[at]outlook.com

The LinkedIn profile is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-panwar-2b25a089

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