The Centre for Transnational Commercial Law, NLU Delhi is launching its flagship virtual and peer-reviewed “Journal of Insolvency, Restructuring, Entrepreneurship Law and Policy” [JIREP].

About the Journal

The Journal of Insolvency, Restructuring, Entrepreneurship Law and Policy is aimed to be a Annual Online Open Access Publication geared towards furthering the objective of promoting qualitative research and scholarship in the domain of insolvency, restructuring and entrepreneurship law and policy.

The focus of the Journal will be on examining practical as well as theoretical aspects from the perspective of both domestic and international insolvency laws and will attempt to present practical and theoretical analysis on the contemporary issues keeping up with the times.

The theme of the Journal

The central theme of the Journal would be insolvency and restructuring laws in light of the entrepreneurship environment in both India and abroad and to study the development of laws keeping in perspective the needs of the businesses. The Journal also aims to offer a platform for policy evaluation and reforms suggestion in tandem with the commercial interests of the economy.

The Journal aims to put together both academic scholarship from the researchers in the field and practical experiences from the practitioners to develop a holistic understanding of the insolvency laws and entrepreneurship interests in the country.

The first edition of the Journal is aiming to focus on the various changes that have been brought about in the insolvency laws and entrepreneurship trends in wake of COVID-19 pandemic all across the world. The aim is to study the developments in insolvency and restructuring laws across the world including in India to meet the unprecedented situation of rising bad debts and artificial demand creation and credit infusion by the economies.

The objective is to analyse the impact of these short term measures on the working of insolvency laws and entrepreneurship in the country and the likely risks associated with the recovery measures being undertaken by the governments.

However, this theme is without prejudice to all other issues of importance in the field of insolvency and restructuring laws. The Journal is not restricted only to the scholarship of understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and related laws.


Scholarship and research on all aspects of insolvency, restructuring and entrepreneurship are welcome, including on domestic laws, foreign jurisdictions or comparative study that may include legal, socio-economic, or business analysis.

How to Submit?

The last date for submission of papers for the Inaugural Edition is 15th March 2021.

All queries and papers may kindly be addressed to

The Guidelines for Contribution along with the Policy of the Journal is here.

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