ICFAI Law School’s Centre for Excellence in Cyber Law and Data Protection is inviting submissions for its Cyber Security and Data Protection [CSDP] Law Review.


The ICFAI Law School Hyderabad is a premier institute imparting law programs as a constituent unit of ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Deemed to be University established under section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 is located in the city of Hyderabad. The endeavor of the institution is to create legal professionals with a distinctive, well-qualified, analytical outlook with academic excellence and practical exposure.

Centre for Excellence in Cyber Law and Data Protection

The Centre for Excellence in Cyber Law and Data Protection was established in the year 2019 which aims towards understanding and enlightening the problems and critical issues that emerge with the growth of information technology and with an endeavor to promote research in the area of Cyber and Data Protection Law and to contribute towards Policy building at various strata of the Government.

The Centre seeks to organize conferences, seminars, symposia, and webinars in coordination with various Departments in the sphere of Cyber Laws and Data Protection. It also seeks to promote sensitivity of issues involved to the various stakeholders and the general public in Cyber Laws.

In order to encapsulate the latest developments in the field of Cyber Security and Data Protection besides assessing and evaluating the significance and the role of technology in providing the safety measures within the parameters of the existing legal network. In search of prospective provisions of Law to be legislated and executed accordingly so as to protect and safeguard the rights of individuals, the center in pursuance of the said objectives has initiated to publish a Journal with the theme on ”Cyber Security and Data Protection”.

Who should Contribute?

Contributions are invited from Academia, Legal/ Cyber Professionals, Research Scholars, and Students from India and around the world to explore the area of research and new developments in the aforesaid area.

The submissions would be processed and double peer-reviewed before they would be considered for publication. The contributions which are made could follow the empirical/doctrinal approach to the area of research concerned and adhere to the submission guidelines and procedure.

Submission Guidelines and Procedure

  • Abstract: The paper should contain an abstract at the beginning, of not fewer than 500 words clearly indicating the research problem, the methodology adopted in the research, approach and the relevance of the research to the field of Cyber Law and Data Protection.
  • Keywords: Five keywords are to be provided along with the abstract.
  • Title Page: The abstract should also contain a page for the Title of the paper along with the details of the author and the co-author (if any) should be sent in a separate word document.
  • Author and Co-Authorship: The details of both the authors are to be given only in a separate word document and the rest of the manuscript should not contain any author- identifying information. Co-authorship is permissible up to two authors only.
  • Citation Format: Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Footnotes should comply with The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).
  • Language: The field of Cyberlaw and Data Protection is an international field that is related to world policy matters. When American English and British English grammatical or spelling conventions differ, please use the American English standard.
  • Word Limit:
    • In a full-length research article, the limit is about8000 words.
    • In a Case or Legislative comment, the limit is about 4000 words.
    • These limits are inclusive of any references, tables, exhibits, and appendices.
  • Format: The paper shall be submitted in word document (.doc or .docx) format only.

Formatting Requirements

  • The manuscript’s title must be on the first text page and must be the title of the file.
  • The font must be Times New Roman and size 12 for the main text, and 10 for footnotes.
  • Line Spacing must be 1.5 for main text and 1.0 for footnotes.
  • Alignment must be justified.
  • All text, including hyperlinks, must be in black color only.


The submission should be original and unpublished work of the author. Publication of the same elsewhere during the process of review is to be intimated to the review and editorial committee without delay.

How to Submit?

  • Please send your submissions via email to centexcellcyberlaw[at]ifheindia.org with a subject line beginning with “Online Submission” and including the author’s name.
  • Please attach your submission as a Microsoft Word document and include a recent resume or CV. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.
  • The receipt of submission shall be acknowledged to the author within a reasonable time.


The last date for submission is 25th February, 2021 11:59 pm (IST).

Contact Information

For any queries, you can write to them at centexcellcyberlaw[at]ifheindia.org
Dr. Md.Akbar Khan: 7989281976
Rakesh S: 7702263666

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