The GNLU’s SRDC ADR Magazine invites submissions for its Volume 2, Issue 1, by way of a Call for Papers.

About the Magazine

The SRDC ADR Magazine is a quarterly student-run publication that invites submissions from experts, working professionals, academics, and students engaged in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution. The first edition of the ADR Magazine was launched in May 2020. This flagship publication encloses several articles employing a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to analyze and offer comments on the recent developments, judicial decisions, and practices of ADR in Indian and several foreign jurisdictions. The objective of the magazine is to create a corpus of jurisprudence inviting contributions from professionals and students alike, to foster the exchange of insights.

SRDC ADR Magazine maintains a double-blind peer review system and regular collaboration with experts and practitioners in the field of ADR who supervise the editorial process to preserve its scholastic appeal and integrity.

Call for Papers

GNLU SRDC ADR Magazine is inviting submissions for Volume II, Issue I. Contributions for the magazine are welcome from all academicians, practitioners, and law students. ADR Magazine accepts submissions on a rolling basis, subject to the preference for publication in the upcoming issue granted for those submissions made before the prescribed date, i.e. 15th March 2021.

The magazine permits submissions in the nature of Articles, Case Comments, Legislative Comments, and Book Reviews falling within the scope of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Submission & Formatting Guidelines

  • Co-Authorship: Co-authorship is permissible only up to a maximum of two authors.
  • Word Limit: 2000-2500 words (exclusive of citations).
  • Body: The body of the manuscript should be in Garamond, Font Size 12 and line spacing 1.5.
  • Footnotes: The footnotes should be in Garamond, Font Size 10 and line spacing 1.
  • The citations must conform to the OSCOLA style of citations, 4th edition.
  • No hyperlinks are allowed.
  • The manuscript should not contain any reference to the author, including their names and institutional affiliations.
  • Any failure to adhere to submission guidelines may result in rejection of the submission.

Cover Letter

The submission should be accompanied by a Cover Letter wherein the manuscript is attached and must contain the following details:

  • Name of the Author(s)
  • Contact Details- Address and Mobile Number
  • Name and Address of the Institution of the Author(s)
  • Academic Qualifications (year of studying)/Affiliations of the Author(s)
  • Title of the Manuscript

Mode of Submission

The Magazine accepts submissions on a rolling basis. If the submission is made after the commencement of the editorial process of a given issue on the date prescribed below, the articles shall be considered for publication in the subsequent issues.

  • The submissions can be made via email to the SRDC ADR editorial team on the following email ID: srdcadr[at]
  • The email should contain the manuscript in .doc or .docx format accompanied by the cover letter as per the aforementioned specification.
  • Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts before 11:59 PM on 15th March, 2021 in order to be eligible for publication in Volume II Issue I. The submissions can be made via email to the SRDC ADR editorial team on the following email ID: srdcadr[at]

Copyright and Editorial Policy

  • Submissions made to the SRDC are on an exclusive basis.
  • The submissions must not have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The contribution presented to and accepted for publication along with the copyrights therein shall be the intellectual property of the SRDC and vests with it.
  • SRDC strives to promote originality and commits itself to strict requirements of integrity. Plagiarized works shall be ineligible for publication.
  • The author(s) is to cite their sources and acknowledge the sources for the content which is not original. SRDC ADR editorial team reserves its right to reject and/or discontinue further collaboration on non-fulfillment of the academic integrity criterion.

Contact Details

  • E-mail ID: srdcadr[at]
  • Rahul Kanoujia: Editor-in-Chief: +918451084791
  • Raghav Bhargava, Senior Editor: +919838164641

Click here for the SRDC ADR Magazine’s official website.

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