Sambhaavna Institute is inviting applications for its program called Talaash, with the motto of ‘Understanding Inequality and Social Justice’. The program will be conducted from April 15 to June 30, 2021.

About Sambhaavna Institute & The Program

The Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics is an alternative learning and living space for those concerned with social and political change. Situated in the village of Kandwari in Himachal Pradesh, Sambhaavnaa’s primary objective has been to nurture value-based leadership by encouraging individuals, especially the youth, to discuss and develop a critical perspective on the ideals and ideas that define a just society.

The Institute was founded under the aegis of the Kumud Bhushan Education Society in 2004. Since 2011, it has emerged as a platform for individuals and organizations to reflect on and engage with the injustices that prevail in society today.

The Program’s Background

For the last seven years, Sambhaavana has been organizing a 2-6 week participatory, reflective, and perspective-building program on ‘Rethinking Development’ called Nayi Dishayein. Building on the work they have done through these workshops and the feedback from our participants, it was felt that it was time to incorporate these learnings and spend more time with ideas, issues, and perspectives related to social justice and equality struggles.

They intend to develop various ideas that came up in the course of the last decade during Nayi Dishayein and devise newer ways of engaging with each other over a longer period of time.

In the light of the realizations and requirements and to aspire for new dreams, shared dreams, enduring dreams, Sambhaavnaa Institute is launching its 10-week program: Talaash.


  • To understand the roots and forms of structural inequalities, systemic oppression, and discrimination.
  • To understand the complex relations between institutions such as family, society, state, corporates, media, and educational institutions.
  • To provide a critical lens to identify forms of the injustice inherent in our daily lives and practices, including caste, class, gender, religion, sexuality, age, and dis/ability.
  • To analyze and understand the impact of extractivist economy and growth-oriented economic system on climate and ecology.
  • To open up space for reflection, identification, and reorientation of one’s notions about social justice.
  • To discuss various forms of people’s resistance and provide a space to learn from the lived experiences of activists and struggles of social movements in the country.
  • To collectively think through forms of social action and ways to implement them in (personal and social) political lives.

Who can Apply?

  • If you are in the age group of 22-30 years and are seeking an engagement with the above-mentioned issues, or
  • you are just figuring out how to frame the questions you would want to ask and inquire for yourself in the long-term, or
  • trying to understand the interconnections between different issues that you see around

Contribution to the Programme

  • They expect the participants to contribute an amount of Rs. 18,000/– towards workshop expenses.
  • Need-based partial waivers are available; we have a limited number of partial waivers, preference will be given for scholarship and subsidies to applicants from marginalized communities, please apply only if you really need it.
  • Remember that there may be others who need it more than you.
  • Organizations and individuals can also sponsor an applicant (partly or fully), so that lack of money does not get in the way of learning opportunities.
  • The fees include only the expenses incurred during the campus component of the program at the Sambhaavnaa Institute: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop.
  • The participants are expected to bear the cost of travel and food expenses during the course of the field-based internship.
  • A certificate of experience will be given to the participant upon completion of the internship.
  • The internship is primarily for the participant to engage with groups that work on the issues which will be discussed during the course of our program. (No financial support is available from Sambhaavnaa Institute for this component.)

Program Structure and Topics

The program would be divided into three parts:

  • Orientation (online): Selected participants are expected to attend a week-long online orientation program (online meetings, reading exercises, and assignments) with the Sambhaavnaa team.
  • Internship: Participants (individually or in pairs of 2) will spend 6 weeks working with social movements/research organizations/campaign groups assigned by the Sambhaavnaa team based on their interests, skill sets, and location preferences.
    Due to the difficulty of travel restrictions given the pandemic crisis and financial constraints, the participants will be put in touch with organizations mostly based out of their place of residence unless otherwise preferred.
  • On-Campus: Upon completion of the internship, the participants will spend a month on the Sambhaavnaa campus, in Palampur, as we will explore and understand issues through a combination of different pedagogical techniques as mentioned below.
    The time spent together will also include common activities like working together in the fields, cooking and helping in the kitchens, bonfires, games.

Pedagogical Techniques

The themes of the program will be explored using interactive lectures, group work and group discussions, book-reading sessions, writing, film screening, theatre, songs of resistance, field trips, self-reflection, and sharing of lived experiences by activists.

How to Apply?

Interested participants can register for the program through the link given at the end of this post.

Contact Information

Shashank: 889 422 7954
Email: programs[at]

Click here for the official information.

Click here to register yourself for Talaash.

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