Abhyuday, the social body of IIT Bombay in association with ILFAT or India’s Leadership Forum Against Trafficking is conducting a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) Drafting Competition and Workshop, on the issue of human rights and trafficking.

About the Organizers

Abhyuday is the social body of IIT Bombay that organizes various campaigns, events, and competitions in order to sensitize various social issues.

ILFAT (India’s Leadership Forum Against Trafficking) is a platform for and by the survivors of human trafficking. They unequivocally want that anti-trafficking legislation is passed, which is comprehensive and includes all forms of trafficking.

A group of survivor leaders from West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh took the initiative in July 2019 to form a national forum and get connected with survivors of human trafficking in other parts of India. When this idea was shared with other survivor leaders from Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, they enthusiastically agreed to come together, and the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking (ILFAT) was formed. Currently, 11 survivor collectives from across 8 states of India have been associated with ILFAT with a membership of more than 2,500 survivors of human trafficking who are our peers and colleagues who want to bring in positive changes in this anti-human trafficking eco-system.

The Competition

This year, Abhyuday and ILFAT are organizing Competitions PIL(Public interest Litigation, on road safety). So, for PIL, the motivation behind keeping this competition is to promote student involvement in laws and policies related to social issues by providing a fair and competitive environment for an exchange of thought and to strive and develop participant’s knowledge related to them.

This is going to be a single round competition and they shall be taking the following:

Registrations + online memorial submission (A format will be provided in which people actually file a PIL to make it uniform for all submissions to be judged)

About PIL

Public interest Litigation is directly filed by an individual or group of people in the Supreme Court or High court. The person/group/organization who is filing does not have any personal interest in the litigation and the interest of a large public is involved in it.

Thus, a PIL competition can be a good way of bringing together vigilant citizens of our country to find a legal remedy to various burning issues of our country.

Competition Structure:

  • Abhyuday IIT Bombay’s PIL competition will consist of one round wherein you will have to submit the memorial.
  • Upon your registration, you will receive the resources needed to draft a PIL.
  • You will also be receiving a webinar link to attend and help with the PIL drafting.
  • You will receive more details of the webinar upon registration.
  • This webinar will be held to support the PIL Drafting.
  • It will be conducted by ILFAT (India’s Leadership Forum Against Trafficking).
  • The Speaker is Mr. Suresh Kumar, Executive Director, Center Direct

Date and Time: The webinar will be held at 11:30 AM, 16th January 2021.

Theme: Human Rights and Atrocities on Women

The online memorials should be based on any issue that concerns human rights, or trafficking, or atrocities on women.

Participation and Eligibility

  • This competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students across all disciplines.
  • A team can register with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 participants. Cross university teams are also allowed.
  • Registration and the Submission deadline is 11:59 AM, January 20th, 2021.

*After completing the registration, teams will soon receive an email from our competition team with a fixed format for the online memorial submission. All teams should follow the same format while submitting their memorials.

Awards and Certificates

  • A total cash prize of INR 5,000.
  • All participants will receive a participation certificate upon successful and valid participation.

Click here to register and participate in the webinar.

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