About the Opportunity

The Centre for Social Sciences at School of Law, Bennett University(Times of India Group) is calling for submissions for their second edition of the periodic magazine.

About the CSS, Bennett University

Bennett University has been established by the ‘Times Group’, India’s largest media conglomerate, and offers unique inter-disciplinary and contemporary courses through its Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Management, Law and Media & Liberal Arts. In addition, the University has also established the Centres for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and External Relation & Executive Education. Bennett University established the School of Law with a vision to strive for excellence in teaching, research, and advocacy towards Justice for all by shaping thought leaders in public policy of National and International dimensions.

The Objective

The magazine aims to bring about an innovative and effective expression and diffusion of academic opinions. Every student is invited to get their works published in the magazine which may include but not be limited to: articles, poems, photos, cartoons, artworks, short stories, thought experiments, and even memes.


The theme for this edition of the magazine is ‘Androcentric Worldview: Challenges to the Voices of Others’. Although many legal reforms have occurred to enable the expression of “the Others”, there still seems to be an invisible filter preventing them from expressing themselves in parity with men.


Following are the guidelines for sending your work to the magazine:

  • The work must adhere to the theme.
  • The authors must not exceed the limit of 800 words. However, appreciated writings exceeding the word limit will be sent back to their authors for revision.
  • Only Undergraduate students are allowed
  • Plagiarism beyond 15% would automatically disqualify the draft from getting published in the magazine. The work must be truly unique and provide the viewers with a new unexplored perspective on the theme.
  • Contributors are encouraged to submit their work in English. But, no submission would be rejected solely on the basis of its language.
  • If students submit pictures or any other art, it must be a completely original work.
  • The authors are required to submit sources for the facts mentioned or even implied in their articles in the form of footnoting in APA citation style.
  • The submission should be an MS-Word file only. Any other format would not be accepted.
  • The title of the file should comprise the title of the article and the author’s name.
  • Students are supposed to submit their drafts with a front-page mentioning:
    • Title of the work
    • Name
    • College/University
    • Email ID
    • Phone Number
    • The E-mail’s subject should be CSS-magazine-submission. The body should consist of the name of the student, name of the University/College, year of study, college E-mail ID, phone number, Course name(E.g. Law-BA.LLB, Sociology, Psychology etc.).
  • The font of the submission must be Times New Roman, Size 14 for the front page and 12 for the body, size 10 for footnotes, line spacing 1.5 and the entire draft must be justified.
  • Co-authorship up to two authors is permitted.
  • The final draft has to be submitted for review to the student body by 11 pm on January 15th 2021 on centerforsocialsciences.bu[at]gmail.com. Any submission made after that would be considered only at the discretion of the student body.
  • The authors may approach the student body for any doubts regarding the content or procedure of submission on centerforsocialsciences.bu[at]gmail.com.

Contact Information

Vedant Bhargava: +91 9450727289
Shivam Bansal: +91 7889101486

Click here for the official website of BU. https://www.bennett.edu.in/

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