JGU has been hosting the Indian Vis Pre-Moot since its 7th edition in 2017. JGU hopes to continue this tradition in 2021.

Details of the Moot

The 10th edition held last year saw participation from 26 teams from across India and Nepal. JGU hopes that this year, they will see greater participation not only from India but from other parts of the world as well.

Official Name: 11th Indian Vis Pre-Moot 2021

Date: 27-28 February 2021

Location: Virtual

Registration: To register, please fill this form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=nZvnx-nsM0GHQ7bK0mxXT-kTfYeeAxxHjzm8k1JCXRdUMFRYOUIwWkVYVTcwVTc2MjM0RTVFSVVHUi4u

Further information: No registration fee will be charged.

Note: Please fill the names of team members participating in Vis Vienna and Vis Hong Kong separately. Thus, if your institution is participating in both Vienna and Hong Kong, you will have to fill the form twice.

The deadline to register is 23:59, 25th January 2021. Please register as soon as possible, since slots are limited. Slots will be allotted on a First Come First Serve basis.

Contact Information

For any queries, please contact us at vispremoot[at]jgu.edu.in.

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