About the University

IMS Unison University Dehradun, a constituent of Unison Group has made fast strides in the horizon of education as a premier educational and research University. Ever since its inception in 1996 as IMS Dehradun, as a non- profit organization led by a group of visionaries, it has dedicated itself for the cause of changing the face of professional education in Uttarakhand. The University today provides a platform for excellence in teaching, learning and research.

About the Seminar

The Seminar on Constitution Expectations Vis-A-Vis Constitutional Practices provides an opportunity for discussion about important questions of Constitutional Law under the present circumstances when on many occasions the conduct of the State authorities is inconsistent with the constitutional aspirations.

The Seminar is aimed at exploring the various manners in which the supremacy and efficacy of the Constitution has been under the dark clouds of deviances in governance; vested interests of those responsible for the interests of the nation; corrupt practices; judicial, legislative and administrative overreaches; and divergence from the original ideological manifestations of establishing a welfare state.

The National Seminar calls upon the researchers, academicians, judges, lawyers and law students to bring into light various aspects of unbridled excesses committed by various state organs in a manner which is unbecoming according to the objectives of the Constitution.


Papers are invited from research scholars, academicians, judges, lawyers and law students.


Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Registration Procedure

Delegates are requested to adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the brochure to facilitate the submission process.

Submission: Submissions are to be made only in electronic form. The same may be e-mailed to nationalseminar.iuu2021@gmail.com in MS Word format along with a cover letter addressed to Organizing Secretary.

Fee Details [Online Mode]

  • Academicians/Organization Representatives (Author): Rs. 500/-
  • Academicians/Organization Representatives (Co-Author): Rs. 500/-
  • Research Scholars/Students (Including Single Co-Author): Rs. 500/-
  • Research Scholars/Students (Including Single Co-Author): Rs. 500/-

Fee Details [Offline Mode]

  • Academicians/Organization Representatives (Author): Rs. 1200/-
  • Academicians/Organization Representatives (Co-Author): Rs. 700/-
  • Research Scholars/Students (Author): Rs. 1000/-
  • Research Scholars/Students (Co-Author): Rs. 700/-


  •  Last date for Abstract Submission:  January 15, 2021
  •  Last Date for Confirmation of acceptance of Abstract: January 31, 2021
  • Last Date of Registration: February 15, 2021
  •  Submission of full Paper: February 15, 2021

Contact Info

Faculty Conveners

Dr. Shoaib Mohammad (Faculty Convener)

Ms. Sakshee Sharma (Faculty Co-Convener): +918209673255

Ms. Mariyanka (Faculty Co-Convener): +918368816783

Student Conveners

Harsh Agarwal (Student Convener): +918755555013

Pritha Krishna (Student Convener): +918979983223For the brochure, click here. https://imsuni-my.sharepoint.com/personal/harsh_agarwal04_iuu_ac/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Fharsh%5Fagarwal04%5Fiuu%5Fac%2FDocuments%2FAttachments%2FBrochure%20National%20Seminar%20SoL%202021%2Epdf&parent=%2Fpersonal%2Fharsh%5Fagarwal04%5Fiuu%5Fac%2FDocuments%2FAttachments&originalPath=aHR0cHM6Ly9pbXN1bmktbXkuc2hhcmVwb2ludC5jb20vOmI6L2cvcGVyc29uYWwvaGFyc2hfYWdhcndhbDA0X2l1dV9hYy9FUzNaYTJlMFlMMVB2UnlRcTBwS0NTRUJxa0p3VEpYMWJyUkpsV2dFSm9MUWp3P3J0aW1lPTlwNlhWSC1UMkVn

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