About Tribal Rights Forum

Tribal Rights forum is a new initiative under Think India where they aim to work towards spreading awareness about tribal rights amongst people from all walks of life through various events. The forum is also working to improve the level of education in Tribal Communities.

Theme: Tribal Migration in India

The suggested topics below are certainly not exhaustive in nature. They would be happy to entertain submissions pertaining to Tribal Migration in India.

  • Exploitation of tribal migrant workers in cities
  • Rapid increase in migration of tribals in India and its socio-economic effect – A case study
  • Impact of Covid-19 on tribal migrant workers: Challenges and issues – A case study
  • Status of migrant tribal women in India: Challenges faced in day to day life
  • Seasonal migration of tribal communities for survival


Submissions from Students, Professionals, and Researchers are invited.

Submission Guidelines

  • Tribal Rights forum calls for unpublished and original work of authors’.
  • Submissions must be made in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format only. Submissions made in any other format shall not be considered.
  • Only one submission per author is allowed. 
  • Co-authorship is permitted. However, the number of Co-authors shall not exceed more than 2.
  • Submission must be made pertaining to the theme i.e. Tribal Migration in India only.
  • 20th Bluebook edition for footnotes shall be followed.
  • Plagiarism should not be more than 20%.
  • Submission shall be made in English Language only.
  • Submission shall be deemed as transfer of right to Publish the Paper with due credits to the author.

Categories and Word Limit (excluding footnotes)

  • Research papers: 4,500 – 10,000 words 
  • Articles: 4,000 – 8,000 words
  • Case Notes, Legislative Comments: 1,500 – 2,500 words
  • Book or Media Reviews: 2,000 – 2,500 words

Abstract: Research papers/Articles must be accompanied with an abstract not exceeding 250-300 words.

Author(s) are requested to adhere to the word limit.

Formatting Guidelines

The manuscript submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following format:

Main Content

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Alignment: Justified


  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 10
  • Line Spacing: 1.0 

There shall not be any page borders.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 10th January 2021

Submission fee: There is no submission fee.


  • All the author(s) adhering to the above guidelines shall receive a certificate from us.
  • Best three papers shall receive a merit certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 1000/-
  • Selected papers shall be published in the Think India website as well as Think India Tribal Rights Journal with due credits to the author(s).

Submission Process

All the submissions shall be uploaded here:bit.ly/TiCFP2

Note: Late submissions shall not be entertained.

Contact Information

  • Email ID: tribalrights.thinkindia[at]gmail.com
  • Rashi Joshi: 8449741778
  • Tejal Deora: 7887722705

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