The Team LDS, Sharda University invites students, Research Scholars, Professionals, and academicians from all disciplines to submit blogs and short write-ups based on any Legal or General Topic which has been in Discussion within a period of the past 6 months.

About Literary & Debating Society, School of Law, Sharda University

The Literary & Debating society of the School of Law Sharda University was officially constituted on the 25th of September 2019. The LDS aims at providing a platform for students to grow in a wholesome manner and express themselves through literature, art, and debate.

Literary and Debating Society has taken one more step towards providing a platform for all the students from all around India and to motivate, inspire and promote critical thinking, to bring out writers in the form of literary art by the creation of NosPopuliSharda – We the People.


Students, Research Scholars, Professionals, and Academicians from all the disciplines are eligible to send in the write-ups. Publication of blog/wrote-ups shall be subject to scrutiny by the editorial team.


The topic for the write-ups/blogs should be based upon any general/legal issue/topic which has been in discussion within a period of 6 months from the date of sending.

Submission Guidelines

  • The submissions must be the original content of the author/author(s). After submitting a write-up, the author/author(s) undertakes that the submission is an original work and not copied. Author/Author(s) must strive to express their views and analysis through the submission and thus the submission must be original.
  • Submissions must be mailed to literary.debatingsociety[at], and the subject of the mail should be “LDS Blog Submission”. Submissions must be mailed in a Word file. The word limit for submissions is 1000-1200 words and authors must adhere to the word limit. the body of the mail should contain the details of the author/author(s)
  • Any submission having more than 21% plagiarism shall be rejected and the author/author(s) will be blacklisted.
  • The submissions must contain proper hyperlinked source.

Submission Specifications

  • Submission must be made in a word file and the cover page should contain all the necessary details of the author/author(s).
  • Font size should be 14 for heading and 12 for text body with line spacing of 1.5 and justified margins.
  • Font style should be Times New Roman. All the headings must be Bold and Underlined.
  • Authors are suggested to Hyperlink the sources in the text, the blog suggests to hyperlink the source format from any relevant online media and keeps the footnotes to a minimum.

Contact Information

E-mail ID: literary.debatingsociety[at]

AbhyudayDhasmana (Convener): 9899704620

Soma Singh (Co-Convener): 9140943086

For the website link of the blog, click here.

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