About CARE India

CARE India’s Internship Programme is a leadership development model for young enthusiasts who have a keen interest in working in the development area, and are dedicated to build a world in which women and girls from marginalized communities, especially Dalits and Adivasis, are able to live a life of dignity and security. Through the Internship Programme, the interns are able to develop their leadership abilities, professional skills and social conscientiousness.


Internship opportunities are available for fresh graduates and post-graduates who wish to pursue a career in the field of development. The goal of this programme is to groom interns so that they can take up leadership positions in the development space in future.


For more information on upcoming opportunities, please write to us at

getinvolved @careindia.org

To apply, Click Here- https://www.careindia.org/individual/internship/

For more details, Click Here- https://www.careindia.org/individual/internship/

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