Are you looking forward to enhance your research skills? Take Lawproctor & ManuLegal ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE ON RESEARCH METHODOLOGY and Master yourself in research techniques. This course focuses on the most important field of Research i.e. Research Methodology.


This Certificate Course in Research Methodology focuses on providing research skills to the beginners which in turn helps in improving the quality of research. This course is well suited to those students who possess critical thing such as they must be able to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Students seeking admission to this course must be curious and are desirous to discover something new.

Duration: 2 Days

Schedule of the Course:

The Course is divided in 2 Modules.

Module 1: 

  1. Basics of Research
  2. Legal Research
  3. Legal Reasoning
  4. Socio-Legal Research
  5. Research Problem
  6. Research Design
  7. Hypothesis
  8. Qualitative and Doctrinal Methods in Research
  9. Quantitative Methods in Research
  10. Sampling

Module 2: 

11. Methods of Data Collection
12. Tools & Techniques of Data Collection
13. Data Analysis
14. Use of Law Library in Legal Research
15. Report Writing
16. Research Ethics
17. Review of Literature
18. Presentation of Research
19. Citation Patterns
20. Plagiarism

Salient Features:

  • Expert research methodology led training
  • Comprehensive International Curriculum, with case studies, Peer reviewed journals as a reference case for your methodology—PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Free E-Material which includes E-books also.
  • Q&A Support.
  • Reward for Good Performance in Test.

Who can attend:

  • Law Students
  • D. Research Scholars
  • Freelance Academic Writers
  • Research Institutions
  • Professors and Lecturers
  • Corporate – Marketing Division

Registration Fees:

INR. 200/- (Online Payment)
Perks: Certificate of Accomplishment:

Link for Registration and Payment:-

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