ManuLegal and A.N. Lex Tutorious presents free webinar on emerging trends in employee welfare scheme in India in light of COVID-19

About the Webinar:

This webinar will be an extraordinary session to challenge your perception towards laws regarding employee welfare schemes in India. The webinar is an attempt to discuss the legal and administrative challenges faced by various employees and employers and the current emerging trends in light of COVID-19. 

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh (Founder- ManuLegal, Research Scholar, Department of Law, University of Rajasthan, Alumnus: NLU Patiala)

Date and Time:

Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 4:00 PM-04:45 PM

  • E-Certificate of Attendance to all the attendees.
  • Study Notes to be provided to all the Attendees.


Platform: Zoom

*Participation is open to all and free of cost

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